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Posting Rules

~Any rating is acceptable for this community, G through NC-17. However, if the story is NC-17, and smutty, as most NC-17 works are, please let us know when posting.

~Any pairing is acceptable for this community, as well. Some might not like the pairing your story features, but I'm not a prejudiced person here, and I'm not going to tell you what you can write. As long as the pairing consists of CW stars, or frequent CW guest stars, and nothing else, I'm fine with it. Want to write about a trio? That's cool, too.

~All subjects are acceptable for this community, too. I only ask that you do not post any stories that would be considered too extreme here, including anything that might be considered a taboo-type subject. Meaning, no rape, no violence, etc. I think the majority of fans do not want to imagine their favorite actors in violent and/or life-threatening situations.

~When you post, please place the title of your story in the subject, followed by the pairing your story is about. For example, if your story is titled "Untitled", and features the pairing of Jensen Ackles and Erica Durance, the subject line should read like this:
Untitled- Jensen Ackles/Erica Durance.

~Please use a header with your story. That way, we have some idea what it's about, the rating, etc. Here is the header I typically use when posting celeb fic:

Featured Celebs:

It isn't required to add "Notes" to your header, that's only if you'd like to include a special author's note about your story.

~All stories MUST be behind a cut, no exceptions. Fake cuts are fine, as well.

~Please make your posts friends-only, so that it stays within the community. If you're fake cutting to your own journal, your own personal post can be public.

~Please use tags for your story, indicating only the rating and the pairing. This enables members to find what they want to read much easier. If you have your own nickname for your pairing, or there's a common nickname for that pairing, feel free to use it. For example, people who ship Tom Welling/Kristin Kreuk refer to them as "Kristom", so, therefore, if you were posting a story about them here, you would be permitted to refer to them as such.

Now that you have read the posting rules, if you have not posted to this community before, and would like to do so, please comment to this post.

To insure that the both sets of rules have been read, please indicate the last sentence of the fourth rule, and the first pairing used as an example. Comments will, of course, be screened.
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